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10 Things You Should Never Do during the Class

Things You Should Never Do in class

Schools make rules and regulations to teach students proper behaviour and to make them efficient individuals. But it’s also the responsibility of the children to help create a great and ideal learning environment. Below is a list of things you should not do in the classroom.


The sound of crunching chips and the good smell of mouth-watering freshly cooked lunch can tempt children to focus on food rather than the teacher. Moreover, snacks come in packages that make a loud noise that can distract other children. So, it’s better to satiate your hunger at breakfast instead of eating during the class.


It’s disrespectful and inappropriate to sleep in class, and why not? Imagine yourself telling something to someone, and that person is feeling sleepy or not paying attention. How will you feel? Obviously, you will not feel good, so don’t sleep during the lecture.

If you feel sleepy, find out the reason why? Are you not getting enough sleep? Do you have any sleep disorders? Is the class boring? The best schools in Nalagarh keep children engaged through role play and game-based learning.


Talking is not only rude but also makes you and other students miss out on something really vital. You can talk about your memorable weekend trip or anything happening in your life to your friends at lunch break or after the lecture. It is not wise to miss a vital lesson/information for a conversation that can be done after a few hours.

Making fun of others

Humour is not bad, but teasing someone for their appearance, intelligence, cultural background, or religion is totally unacceptable. If you enjoy making jokes, make sure they do not hurt other people or make them feel inferior. Whether a person is in front of you or not, you must not tease him/her.

Being too naughty

A child showing sensitive behaviour is rare. While mischief is not as bad as it seems, anything in excess is bad. Your parents may tolerate some of your nasty behaviour, but your teacher will not. Highly indecent behaviour can lead to humiliation and punishment. So know your limits and behave accordingly.

Causing interruptions

Interruptions are inevitable, but this doesn’t mean you can sabotage the flow of the class by asking a question that has already been answered. If you don’t want to face  embarrassment, pay attention to what is being taught in the class. In the worst case, teachers may suspect that you are doing this intentionally to disturb him/her. And they can call your parents to come to school.

Getting angry

Many people find it difficult to control anger as it is a strong emotion. But that does not mean you can lose your temper anytime, anywhere. Find out why you are angry. Are you facing problems at home? Is there any issue with your friends? Talking to an elder, like your teacher from the best CBSE schools in Nalagarh, a counsellor, or a parent, can help you significantly. Do some exercise, yoga, or meditation and transform your anger into something productive.

Using slang

Slang is an informal language used by specific social groups, students or teenagers. Some common slang terms are IDK( I don’t know) and BTW( by the way). Though the use of slang can make you look cool among your friends, it is not appropriate and polite to use it in the classroom.


We all like dreaming about pleasant things but doing it too often, especially in the classroom, is distracting. While you are busy with your thoughts, a teacher can convey some vital information. You need to ask for this information from your classmates after coming out of your dreams.

Destroying things

You have no right to destroy someone’s belongings or school property for fun.
Put yourself in the place of others and think about how you would feel if someone ruined your stuff. Also, remember that you are not the only one using a school desk, chair or table. Someone who has not evaluated the chair might fall sitting in a chair whose leg has broken.

The bottom line

School is the place where we learn everything from time management and communication to teamwork and critical thinking skills. So, students must contribute to making a quality learning environment by complying with the expected behaviour in the classroom and displaying values such as compassion and kindness.