The school derives its inspiration from the ideals of Swami Vivekananda who described education as the process through which the expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful. The school emphatically follows Gurugriha Vasa – the personal contact between the teacher and disciple as its core value.

The school aims to provide high quality education at low cost to the underprivileged section of the society. It seeks to be a model of Low Cost Education where opportunities for higher education are available at an affordable cost. The school aspires for excellence not merely as a quality we pursue but also as one we practice every day in thought and deed.


Focus of the Curriculum



Sapta Swaras:







Personalised Attention


The art of conversation

Vainayiki Vidyadnyan:

The art of enforcing discipline

Academic Schedule

Nursery - UKG
1st - 9th & 11th
10th & 12th
Periodic Tests
May, Aug, Jan
May, Aug, Dec, Jan
May, Aug
Terminal Exams
Sep, Dec, Feb
Sep, Feb
Pre-Board Exams
Dec, Jan

Subjects covered for Grade 10

002 Hindi Course-A
041 Mathematics
086 Science
087 Social Science
101 English Communication
531 Literary & Creative Skills
532 Science Skills
541 Sports/ Indigenous Sports
546 Yoga

Subjects offered for Grade 12

030 Economics
041 Mathematics
042 Physics
043 Chemistry
044 Biology
048 Physical Education
054 Business Studies
055 Accountancy
301 English Core
500 Work Experience
502 Physical & Health Education
503 General Studies
835 Mass Media
802 Information Technology
803 Web Applications