13 Great Movies For Children

13 Great Movies That Children Must Watch

Many parents think that movies are a waste of time, but this is not true for every movie. Several mainstream movies deliver a powerful message that motivates us no matter how many times we watch them.

How can we prepare children for a future ?

The future is uncertain, but one certain thing is that our kids will leave school and college to enter a workforce that keeps evolving. How can we make them ready for life after school?

How to Improve Children’s Communication Skills?

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity”- Nat Turner. Communication skills help us express our thoughts, feelings and opinions effectively to others which significantly affects our personal and professional life.

How did Vikram Sarabhai lift India as a Nation?

Vikram Sarabhai is one of the greatest visionaries India has ever had. He was a physicist, scientist, astronomer and industrialist who founded the Indian space research organisation (ISRO) and several pioneered research institutes in India.

12 Astounding Facts about Mahatma Gandhi’s life

Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi was married at thirteen, and his teachers use to criticize him for having poor handwriting? There are many other interesting facts about his life that people often overlook in light of his accomplishments.