Begin Your Child's Educational Journey With us

Vivek International Public School understands the transformative power of early education. We provide exceptional playschool experiences to children that help build a sound foundation, setting the stage for their academic and personal growth.

Our playschool not only makes kids familiar with letters and alphabets but also helps them learn life skills such as teamwork and communication skills that help them navigate this ever-changing world.

Learning Thrives at Our Playschool

Hands-on Activity

Friendly Environment

Safe and Secure

Trained Educators

Our Innovatively
Tailored Teaching Methodologies

We encourage children to explore things from different angles and learn at their own pace rather than following a fixed path. Our teachers cater to the children’s learning styles and apply different approaches to teach them. We are dedicated to delivering value-based learning by fostering an environment that promotes ethics, social responsibility, and character.

What Makes us The Best Playschool?

The Government of Himachal Pradesh now mandates that Grade 1 students should be six years of age to emphasize kids’ early development years. Here at VIPS, we have always championed the importance of formative years. Our playschool program is designed to provide a rich, stimulating and supportive environment where kids’ minds thrive. So, secure your child’s future by enrolling them at the best playschool in Baddi. Contact us now at (1795 247766).