Value-based Learning

Vivek International Public School is a school with high academic standards and high morals. Teachers at Vivek International Public School are well-versed not just in education but also in the art of imparting values. Hence, children are taught lessons beyond academics. The Value based Learning Model of Vivek International Public School helps its students gain knowledge and morals. It also gives them a head start in life by preparing them for their future 

The Value-based learning model involves the students as well as the teachers in learning together. The students are taught not just textbooks or what they ought to know, but more than that. It also teaches them how to behave, so they will grow up to be good citizens 

The Value-based learning framework includes two elements: traditional and contemporary. It also blends eastern and western teaching approaches. 


Value-based learning that gives the opportunity to

Win Trophies & Prizes

Gain Knowledge & Morals

Learn essence of Indian Culture

Practice All-round Development