We are committed to providing good quality education, for this purpose there is a “mission mode” project under which our school is following nine parameters for improvement. This will lead us in achieving excellence. The parameters are: Pedagogy, Academic Support System, Infrastructure Development, Assessment and Feedback System, Experiential Learning opportunities, Leadership Effectiveness.

One of the main problems faced by students in learning second language English is that they often induce errors due to interference. These errors are very common among the Hindi-English medium students who acquire knowledge in their mother tongue i.e.,Hindi & learn English. Teachers should be able to identify and teach English language skills. Pedagogical innovation has been adopted in the classroom lessons by introducing digital language lab for English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

In the Pedagogy section, we have also focused on assessment strategy for improvement of learning level. Under the Pedagogy section, a Pedagogical Resource Centre has been established in our school. The main aim of this centre is to encourage teachers and students for teaching-learning process so that they can easily understand about new technologies being used in teaching learning.

The Academics-focused Pedagogical Innovation empowers the faculty to focus on learning rather than Pedagogy. Pedagogic Innovation will empower the school teacher to build their own curriculum; assess students, and improve academic attainment.

VIPS Curriculum

What We Offer

Artificial Intelligence

The students study about the 3 domains of AI- data, computer vision and natural language processing. The students are kept abreast of the latest demands in the Information Technology sector

Atal Tinkering Lab

Our main aim is to develop a core skill set among the youth that comprises a mindset, computational thinking and adaptative learning. We are the 1st school in Baddi to establish an Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog

Experiential Learning

We promote experiential learning of application of theory to real world experiences. The students are made to think practically and analyse their knowledge. Their skill sets are nurtured in to put to the best

Skill Development

We focus on the development of skills among the learners. The life skills we impart to young students are communication skills, public speaking, team work, time management, leadership, flexibility and inter-personal skills