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7 Activities to do in Summer Vacation

summer vacations activities

Did you like summer vacation when you were a kid? You will say yes absolutely. Do you remember how you used to spend your vacations? The majority of parents would say, “We used to play with our friends, visit new places, do this and that”. But we all know that times have changed, and now almost every child has a mobile, which can shape their free time during vacation positively and negatively.

During vacations, keeping children engaged in activities that help cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and social skills contributes to their overall development and keeps them away from their digital devices. Here are seven activities that will make your children's summer vacation fun and entertaining while aiding their growth.

1. Do nature-based activities

In today’s competitive world, no one can’t deny the immense pressure of studies on students, and nature-based activities during summer vacation can provide them with the much-needed opportunity to relax. Among these activities, gardening is considered the best because it teaches kids responsibility and patience. Gardening has a therapeutic effect, which means your children will feel calm after spending one or two hours tending the plants. 

Gardening will also help children understand that, just like them, plants also need care (Watering, trimming, etc), which will make them respect and appreciate nature. Digging, weeding, and planting also require physical effort, which will keep your child fit during summer vacations. Moreover, gardening is an activity you can do together and make a long-lasting bond with your little ones effortlessly.

2. Let them explore the world of music and dance

Music and dance do not just keep kids busy but help in growing their minds. They help enhance their confidence and sharpen their mathematical skills. Yes, you read it right- Mathematical skills. According to studies, music lessons help improve children's maths skills, especially in areas like pattern recognition, spatial-temporal reasoning, understanding 3D shapes, and problem-solving. 

Learning how to read musical notes, playing along with reading, recognizing the pattern in the notes, and improvising new melodies all support mathematical learning. However, if your child doesn’t like playing musical instruments, you can try enrolling them in a dance class. The dance will help enhance their coordination skills and make them confidently perform in front of a crowd.

3. Encourage their inner bookworm

Vacations give you the perfect opportunity to nurture the beneficial habit of reading in your kids. Storytelling is best for little ones, but for children who have crossed the early stages of development, parents need to implement more creative ideas and be patient. Remember that children learn from adults, so whenever you have spare time, invest it in reading. Also, discuss what you read and how you feel about it, as this will encourage your children to do the same. 

Adolescents and teens have specific interests and preferences for reading. So, provide them with a diverse range of books and magazines and let them explore the genres that resonate with their interests. Also, create a reading-friendly environment for your children to ensure whenever they hold a book to read, they don’t get distracted or feel inconvenienced.

4. Help them learn self-defence

Self-defence is one of the most essential life skills for children and adults. Enrolling kids in a self-defence class will equip them to protect themselves against physical harm and dangerous situations. Not only this, but self-defence also helps children learn essential values such as discipline and respect.

You can also enrol yourself in a self-defence class to teach your children about the importance of learning self-defence skills. Also, self-defence skills are a fun and empowering activity that your children will enjoy, so don’t worry about them getting bored in class.

5. Teach them how to cook 

Another fundamental life skill students can learn during summer vacation is how to cook. It is not just an act of preparing food; it can help your children explore their creative side and make them self-sufficient in the kitchen.

Cooking also helps them learn about nutrition and foster healthy eating habits. So, whether you are making gajar ka halwa, chocolate cake or a trying a new recipe, include them in cooking or help them make the whole cuisine themselves and see their eyes shine in excitement.

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6. Take them to a zoo or a national park

Every child likes seeing animals, trees and plants, so you can take them to a zoo or a national park during summer vacation. During these excursions, your children will get to learn about the different animals, plants and species. They will also learn about the delicate balance between the ecosystem and the role that we humans can play in protecting our future.

The moments that they spent with animals in the national park will become their cherished memories. So, a trip to a national park will be a fun-filled adventure for them where they will learn compassion towards animals and become environment conscious.

7. Relax and recharge

While it is essential to engage children in activities on vacation, you should also give them ample opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. Let them sleep one or two hours extra and engage them in activities such as yoga or meditation that help them relax. Give them insights about your experiences by sharing with them your childhood stories and listening to their stories as well. 

This will help reduce their stress and anxiety and prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead after summer vacation, whether they study in the best CBSE schools in Baddior any other part of India.

Final words

Summer vacation is the time when children can have lots of fun and entertainment. The activities that we have mentioned above will help teach your child valuable skills while keeping them entertained. So, while planning activities for them, don’t forget to add the above ones. And spend quality time with them!