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How can the educational system support students in making societal changes?

educational system support students

Education not only imparts knowledge and information but also contributes to societal changes. It can transform a human society by improving mindsets, concepts, personal skills and many other things. The educational system helps devise scientific minds that are free from superstitions and that do not hesitate to eradicate rotten methods and processes of society. The following reasons will help you understand how education can help students create change in society.

Change attitudes

Education makes students receptive to a new form of life and creates behaviours that help them combat stereotypes. Their views go beyond the social-cultural boundaries of caste, creed and religion, and their mind gets open to new ideas.

Motivate to improve

For any potential shift in society, a person should be willing to progress and education help in doing so. It also helps students know about social evils such as dowry, cheating, alcohol and bonded labour. Education can help students change their circumstances, especially those who are economically weak or belong to background classes, thus helping drive progress.

Help in accepting social change

Uneducated people often find it difficult to accept a social change. This is not the case with educated people. Therefore education helps students welcome social changes; they can also face aversion in their own families due to it which they can tackle through education.

Assist in implementing education to change

Top CBSE schools in Barotiwala encourage children to use their intellect whenever they have to decide between right and wrong. Education gives students the opportunity and freedom to set their values based on what they have learned and analyzed. All of these play an essential role in the implementation of social reforms.

Make improvements in the field of knowledge

It is impossible to instil innovation and research in children without education since children who have some knowledge of a subject/topic can create new stuff. Moreover, the education system makes students aware of several things that can encourage students to make innovative things that can help society in several ways.

Teaches social values

Schooling helps foster democratic ideas in children, which will help them live a better life. The Indian education system is designed to build values such as brotherhood, liberty, shared respect, non-violence and many more. These principles are imperative for bringing positive transformation in society. Best nursery schools in Baddi teach values to students in several ways, such as integrating values in the course, extracurricular activities and games.

Education empowers women and girls

Gender-based discrimination is long present in society; education can help change it by empowering girls. Education helps in abolishing harmful practices such as child marriage and gender-based violence in society. Educated girls will take the nation to progress as they are more likely to join the labour market.

Bottom line

Researchers, political scientists, great leaders and educators in India and the world have attached great importance to bringing education to the masses. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Swami Vivekananda tried to kill evils in society, such as sati and caste discrimination practices, through education. Mahatma Gandhi also saw education as a tool to change the community. So if a society wants to progress and develop, it must prioritize education. It is also the responsibility of students to use education to bring positive reforms in society.