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How can we prepare children for a future ?

We prepare children for a future

The future is uncertain, but one certain thing is that our kids will leave school and college to enter a workforce that keeps evolving. How can we make them ready for life after school? What are the necessary skills that they might need for the time ahead? Below we have come up with some tips that will help you raise a future-ready child. Read on to find out how you prepare them for the rapidly changing world.

1. Help them learn on their own

Retraining and upskilling are the only ways by which now professionals can retain their careers. Therefore it has become utterly important to make children capable of learning themselves. One way to do this is to help them find resources that can help them learn things. Moreover, educating them on how to discover ways to comprehend new things will help them a lot in the future.

2. Make them technologically ready

In today’s world, nothing is possible without technology, from making payments to paying toll taxes. So, students must be made comfortable with technologies such as Microsoft Office, Artificial intelligence, and Data Analysis. You can provide them with written materials, podcasts, video and audio material from the internet to make them technology savvy. The best CBSE schools in Nalagarh provide students with classroom experiences, workshops, and courses that help students learn new technologies.

3. Focus on skill-based learning

Companies are now looking for skills such as coding, designing, content writing, and many more with education. Teaching children these skills will make them an asset and not a liability to the company they will work for. In fact, providing them opportunities to learn skills, such as Adobe, and canvas, from a tender age, help them discover their interests, which will help them pick the correct careers.

4. Teach them leadership

Leadership skills play a significant role in almost all domains of life, whether corporate, teaching, religious places or social service. While some are naturally good at it, some need to be pushed. You can instil leadership qualities in your child by serving together for humanity, such as volunteering to help poor people. Schools foster leadership skills in children by giving them a wide range of opportunities.

5. Foster critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is the ability to analyze new/complex problems and taking out of box decisions to find solutions. Nowadays, when uncertainty is increasing, students have to apply different ways to solve a problem.  If you foster critical thinking skills in your children, you will make them able to turn any crisis into an opportunity.

6. Help them improve their communication

There is a lot of difference between talking and effective talking. Effective talking helps us express our ideas in a better way. And communication skills are not only about talking but also writing and face-to-face conversations (online/offline). You can help children improve their communication skills by listening carefully to them when they are talking to you, encouraging them to write daily to improve their written communication skills and creating an environment where everyone can speak freely.

7. Give them opportunities to be creative

Encouraging and developing creativity in children makes them willing to try new things, which can open the doors to new opportunities in their work life. You can spark creativity in children by giving them such tasks that help them think outside the box and appreciate their ideas from time to time. Best nursery schools in Baddi encourage creativity in children by inspiring them to take risks, giving feedback on their ideas and doing many more things.

8. Make them learn about finance

Financial literacy helps students learn where to spend money and how to save money. It will help them better manage their finances which will be very useful for them in the future. A general understanding of banking terms will also help them learn about government fiscal policies and many other things. Discussing different investment options at home and explaining the budget and tax slabs to children will make them financially literate.

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9. Encourage them to make their way

Many entrepreneurs have made their name in the industry in the past few years, but it is still not easy for an average Indian to think about starting their own business. Out of many reasons for this, one is the absence of encouragement to take risks from childhood.

Though some people believe that entrepreneurs are born with some attributes, there are some skills that we learn later in life, such as confidence, courage, the ability to handle stress, etc. Therefore, we must provide children opportunities that help them start their businesses and understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, such as encouraging them to make crafts and sell them online/offline or do other things.


The competition will increase many folds in the upcoming time, making it even more crucial for parents and teachers to prepare children for the future. We must do everything to equip kids with skills which can help them live an above-average life in future. What skills do you think will make them ready for the future? Share your opinions in the comment section.