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What can Students gain from Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teachings?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the founder of Sikhism and one of the ten gurus worshipped by Sikhs all across the world. The holy book of Sikhs, “Guru Granth Sahib Ji,” is inscribed with his teaching, which guides not only Sikhs but people belonging to other religions and communities. Below, we have brought up some of the teachings given by the Shri Guru Nanak Deve Ji and how you can utilize these to teach your children the right values.

1. One supreme god

Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave the teaching of IK-Onkar-One god when the world was divided into different religions, castes, and creeds. He believed in one supreme reality and wanted people to see inward to seek the formless, genderless and timeless god. He was against superstitions and artificial divisions in society and emphasized seeking the path of truth. In today's times, this is one of the most important life lessons to teach your children- Treat everyone as equal and realize the divine within.

2. Share with others

Kids do not usually like sharing things, so it is your responsibility as a parent to teach them about sharing. This is where Guru Nanak’s teachings can come and help you. He believed capable people should share their wealth or food with the poor and needy. Taking your kids to a Gurudwara, where free food (Langar) is given to people daily, can instill this quality in your child from an early age. The top CBSE school in Baddi inculcates this positive trait in children by praising students when they share, giving them opportunities to share, etc.

3. Follow honesty

Once the child grows up and develops a mind, they start telling lies. Ignoring lying for a long time can ruin your child's life. One of the best ways to teach children honesty is to help them know about the great teacher and founder of Sikhism, Shri Guru Nanak dev Ji teachings and his life. The core teaching of Guru Nanak includes living an honest and transparent life.

4. Live a life free of evil

Guru Nanak dev Ji believed that we must protect ourselves from five evils (Panj Vikar)- anger, greed, lust, attachment, and ego by staying away from negativity and realizing the divine within ourselves. Helping children understand these will help you connect them to their inner selves and lead a serene and virtuous life.

5. Wish good for everyone

Guru Nanak emphasized building a society where everyone cares about each other- Sarbat Da Bhala. He spread the message of universal brotherhood and worked for the welfare of people, regardless of their caste and religion, during his entire life. In the current times, when we think only of ourselves, teaching children to care about others can help in making an ideal society and eventually an ideal world.

6. Selfless service

In today's world, few people think of volunteering or helping those in need. However, we have witnessed several people helping people infected with the coronavirus during the pandemic. We need to help our children understand that they shouldn't get too involved in their lives that they forget about other people. Guru Nanak Dev Ji has taught that selfless service helps to bring true satisfaction and also brings us closer to the ultimate reality.

7. Running is not the solution

We all like running away from our problems and never thought of dealing with them. It does not help us grow as a person and refrain us from learning essential life skills such as perseverance, strength, and resilience. You can teach your children that they must not run away from issues in life  through Guru Nanak dev Ji’s teaching. Guru Nanak dev Ji does not believe in renouncing the world and going to forests for penance. He wants people to fight all worldly temptations and blossom like a lotus in the muddy water.

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8. Finding your guru

In ancient times, Gurus were considered not less than gods; they helped people in their spiritual journey and everyday life. In today’s times, the meaning of guru has changed, but still, it is critical to have someone who can guide you in life. Guru Nanak dev Ji emphasized the importance of finding a guru to remove the darkness of ignorance from the mind. The best schools in Nalagarh will help you know a lot more about the virtuous life of Guru Nanak dev Ji.

9. Surrender of ego

Ego is not only a problem in adults but in children too. And no one wants to raise an egocentric child. Guru Nanak dev Ji gave utter importance to surrendering one’s ego to the guru’s feet. According to him, the ego ruins our life and takes us away from god.


Helping children to understand and follow Guru Nanak’s teachings can ultimately help them live a life free from suffering. They will learn selflessness, honesty, equality, and universal brotherhood, which will positively impact their lives and the lives of others.