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What are the best ways to make friends at School?

The best ways to make friends at School

Even though making new friends is frightening, it is undeniably satisfying. Many students think about various things when it comes to meeting new students, such as whether they will like them, etc. All this prevents students from forming new friends. In this article, we have discussed some ways that can help students make new friends at school.

1. Identify people who share the same interests

Look for students who have something in common with you, which can be anything from hobbies to interests. Join clubs and teams, such as sports teams or student councils, to meet like-minded children. As you are already aware of things that interest them, it will be easy for you to start a conversation. Also, pay attention to those students who are spending their free time doing activities that you also like to do, such as drawing, reading books, etc.

2. Spend time with kind and generous students

Find students who treat everyone equally and who help people in need. Also, stay away from those students who have a habit of criticising others or who put others down. You might get interested in becoming friends with the most popular boys/girls in the school but if their behaviour is not good towards others, better not to spend time with them. Keep in mind that a true friend will make you feel comfortable and give you respect and support.

3. Approach someone who is alone

If you hesitate to speak with a group of people, approach someone who is on their own. During the conversation, try to find out things that you both love to do, which could be anything from movies to sports. Also, attentively listen to what they are saying to show you are interested in them. You can invite them for coffee or watch a movie together. Best schools in Baddi help students make quality friendships by hosting activities that promote teamwork and cooperation.

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4. Always smile

We do not know, but many times we create a bubble around ourselves that is hard to break. So, smile at people when you make eye contact and talk to them whenever possible. You do not need to have a long conversation with them. Just saying things like how are you today can do wonders for you.

5. Avoid missing special occasions

You need to go out and meet new people to make them new friends. Occasions such as birthdays, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, and other celebrations are perfect as you will get to meet many people there.

6. Don’t try to become someone else

Don’t change yourself to win friends at school- this is the worst that you can do with yourself. Changing may help you make several new buddies, but your friendship will be like a mask underneath which there are only lies. Being yourself helps people get to know you better, which will help them determine whether they want to be your friends. And this is the best thing because both sides know and accept each other, which is the basis of a strong friendship.

7. Listen to other people

We all want others to listen to us, but we seldom attempt to listen to others. Though talking about your hobbies and interests attracts people, remember other people also want to discuss themselves. You can gain others’ attention by posing questions in between the discussions. This will also help you to know about their interests and hobbies. The best schools in Nalagarh teach students how to listen actively, which helps them show others that they are interested in their talk.

8. Have an open mind

Though we have told you to find people who share a common interest with you, do not exclude those who don’t. Connecting with people who have different interests and backgrounds will help you learn several things. For example, making a friend from a different background will give you a deeper understanding of their culture and tradition. Similarly, someone who communicates differently can teach you empathy, patience to listen,  and how to express yourself.

9. Give a compliment to start a conversation

Compliments can help you get the attention of the students and you can compliment them for anything from their science projects to outfits. They will surely love this and continue talking to you, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

10. Be your friend

You can apply several ways to make friends at school, but before that, you should first become your best friend. This is because if you don’t love yourself, who will love you? So appreciate yourself and do everything that makes you feel good about yourself.


At last, remember you can’t make friends in a day as it takes time to understand each other and build trust. We hope the above ways will help you make friends, but along with this, take the initiative to introduce yourself and let the other person introduce themselves.