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Which stream to choose after Class 10th CBSE Exams?

stream to choose after Class 10th

Once students are done with their CBSE 10th board exams, an inevitable confusion that arises is how to choose the right stream. And it is vital to resolve this confusion because the stream that a student selects decides their career afterwards. To help you choose the best stream after completing your 10th standard, we have developed a guide, so make sure you read the complete article.

What are the streams that you can choose?

Before jumping into how to select the right stream, let us find out the available streams and every minute detail associated with them, such as difficulty level, higher education courses and career prospects. Given below is detailed information about each stream which can assist you in choosing the right stream after the 10th standard.

Science stream

One of the most popular streams in India is the science stream. Students who have an interest in pure and applied science can consider choosing this stream. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, English and computer science (depending on the school) are the main subjects taught in this stream.

It is best for those students who want to pursue careers in the medical and engineering field. It contains both the practical and theoretical portions for which students need to work hard. The best schools in Nalagarh encourage students to develop a scientific perspective through project-based learning and mind-blowing activities.

Biology and mathematics differentiate the medical from the non-medical field. Apart from physics and chemistry, mathematics must be studied as a core subject in the non-medical field. Similarly, a medical student must study biology.

The science stream is divided into three groups:

Physics, chemistry and mathematics (PCM)

Physics, chemistry and biology (PCB)

Physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology (PCMB)

Courses after 12th

  • Bachelor of technology.
  • Bachelor of architecture.
  • Bachelor of Science.
  • Bachelor of dental surgery.
  • MBBS.
  • BSC Nursing and many more.

Commerce stream

Commerce offers students a wide range of career opportunities after completing their 12th standard. They can become a professional in an MNC, an entrepreneur, make a career in the banking sector and many more. The main subjects taught to students who opt for the commerce stream are Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy.

Commerce requires theory and mathematical calculation on an equal amount, so it is not an easy alternative to science. Both science and commerce are complex in their own ways, and both give students a lot of challenges. So, if you are really interested in economics, business studies and accountancy, then go for it. There are a good number of schools in Baddi from where you can pursue an education in commerce.

Courses after 12th

  • Chartered Accountancy.
  • Bachelor in commerce.
  • marketing.
  • Bachelor of business administration. (BBA)

Humanities or Arts stream

Choosing an arts stream will open a plethora of career options for you. And you will get to learn several things by selecting the humanities or arts stream through subjects such as history, civics, geography, economics, law, political science, public administration, journalism, mass media and many more. Also, if you aspire to become a civil servant, this field can help you realise your dreams.

Courses after 12th

  • Bachelor of Arts.
  • Bachelor of journalism.
  • Bachelor of fashion design.
  • Bachelor of fine arts.
  • Bachelor of hotel management.

How to choose the best stream for you?

After knowing about the courses and career prospects associated with each stream, the next is to pick the right stream. Below are some tips to help you choose.

1. Self- Introspection

One of the most important things to consider before deciding on a stream is identifying your interests and examining your abilities and skills. As the subjects you select will shape your career, you must be passionate about them. Similarly, understanding your aptitude is vital for choosing a stream. For example, someone who is good at maths might not be good at chemistry, so they might face difficulty understanding chemistry in the 11th and 12th standards. That’s why it is critical to analyze your strength and weakness while choosing a stream.

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2. Make your own choices

Many children choose a stream their parents prefer rather than selecting a stream that suits their interests and abilities. On the other hand, many other students get influenced by their friends and choose the wrong stream. Picking subjects you are not interested in will negatively impact your career later on. So before making a decision, think about all the crucial factors. And, then choose a stream that matches your interests and skills.

3. Talk to a counsellor

You can consider taking the help of a counsellor if you are unsure which stream to select after the 10th standard. Students can attend career guidance seminars where experts help students discover their potential, which helps them pick the right stream. You can also personally visit a career advisor to find a stream that best fits your skills and interests.

The bottom line

Students must analyze several parameters while selecting the stream after the 10th standard. Foremost is to know about the streams in detail, then do self-introspection. While there are no good or bad streams, as every stream offers people several opportunities, the right one can help you improve your career to a significant level.